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See if you qualify for a FREE Membership


We're excited to share news about a special offer exclusively for NMRA members over the age of 65!


Grouper, a health benefit focused on promoting social fitness, has partnered with NMRA to provide complimentary membership benefits to active participants.

If you have a qualifying Medicare Advantage or Supplement plan, you may be eligible to have your NMRA membership dues covered by your health plan through the Grouper Social Benefit.

Signing up to check your eligibility is simple. Visit and enter your health plan ID. Once your plan’s eligibility is confirmed, Grouper will send you a reimbursement check to cover your yearly NMRA membership. Plus, as long as you remain an active NMRA member, you'll receive yearly reimbursements, provided your plan includes the Grouper benefit.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to the dedicated Grouper team at (833) 205-2431 or via email at

Stay healthy and active with NMRA and Grouper!

   Click here to Check your eligibility today!

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